Password Creator

Password Creator

Nowadays, you need an account for so many things: shopping, online banking, hobbies, work or education, and the list goes on and on. It doesn't matter what kind of account you create, usually you sign up with your e-mail address, and almost always, you also need a password. And it better be safe. According to the 'Cybercrime Magazine', the damages caused by cybercrime will rocket to 6 trillion dollars per year in 2021.

Depending on it what you use your account for, you don't necessarily lose money if your password is cracked, but why take the risk?

We created our 'Password Creator' with the thought in mind, that many accounts don't get breached because of impressive hacking skills, but rather because of insecure passwords. To save time when creating your password, and more importantly, to make sure that your password is really chosen randomly, we designed and developed this app. You can create a password of any length up to 99 characters with one click, and there are plenty of preferences you can choose from.

We offer our app free of charge and it doesn't include any ads. The app doesn't need any storage or internet permissions, as the passwords are never saved anywhere. Our only intention is offering you a tool that facilitates creating passwords and helps to keep your data safe!

Never worry about your accounts' safety again!

Features - overview

Our app aims at making your online experience a little bit more secure. This Password Creator makes it easy for you to create a strong password with only one click. It also offers you plenty of password preferences to choose from.

Features include:

  • Easy and intuitive interface, only click a button to create a password

  • Choose which characters your password should contain: choose from upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters

  • Optionally your password must include one character of every selected category

  • Customize the special characters that your password can include

  • All passwords are created randomly, using a random number generator

  • Your passwords are absolutely private and never stored anywhere

  • Generates passwords with 1 - 99 characters

  • Multiple or unique character use for passwords

  • 'Y' and 'Z' can be excluded from your passwords

  • No internet and storage permissions required

  • Can easily be used as a random number generator

  • Light, dark and blank app themes

  • No Ads and In-App Purchases

Interested in more details? Have a look at the long description and find out how to use our password creator here. Or... try it yourself!

How to use our Password Creator

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Keep your data safe!

That is the main intention of our app. We want to prevent hackers from breaching your accounts, and that isn't even as difficult as it sounds. Many accounts can be accessed because of insufficiently strong passwords, not because of incredible hacking skills. By making sure that your password is long, contains different kinds of characters and varies, you can drastically reduce the chances of becoming a victim of data breaches!

So all you need is a strong password, and creating one has never been easier!

To create a password you can follow these simple steps. Creating the actual password only takes a moment, all you have to do is tapping the 'Generate' button. However, it is sometimes a good idea to choose password preferences at first (for example, if an account only allows certain kinds of passwords). Afterwards you can simply generate the password. If you want to, you can also change the layout of the app.

To create a really secure password, we recommend you to read our tips on secure passwords. Of course, you can also do your own research.


Depending on the kind of password you want to create, you can choose the respective preferences. We have added some advice which preferences we recommend for a most secure password, but sometimes you need to change them if an account limits which passwords are allowed. For example, if you want to create a PIN, only numbers can be used for the password.

You can also read our tips on secure passwords.

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Character Pool & Password Length

The character pool describes which characters your password may contain. Every ticked category can be included in your password. You can choose from lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters.

The longer the password is, the more unlikely it is to be cracked. You can choose a length from 1 to 99 characters.

Advice: Include all character categories and use at least 12 characters for any password. If the password is used for something very important, better choose 16 or more characters.

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Advanced Character Pool Options

On some keyboards the position of the letters 'y' and 'z' are swapped, thus we added the option to omit 'y' and 'z'. If you want to define the permitted special characters, you can tick the option Customized special characters. You will be prompted to enter your own special characters pool.

Advice: For simplicity and more security, use the default special characters. Omitting 'y' and 'z' doesn't reduce the password strength very much.

Use multiple or unique characters

Multiple or unique characters

If you select 'multiple character use', every character of the character pool can be used several times in a password. Using 'unique characters' means, that every character of the pool can only be used once for a password, this also limits the password length.

Advice: Make use of multiple characters whenever possible. If using unique characters, the password length and especially the number of passwords is drastically reduced. This can make passwords very weak and easy to crack!

Use at least one character per category

At least one character per category

By ticking 'At least one character per category', you ensure that every category defined in the character pool is also used in the password. If your character pool includes all categories and you use this option, your password will contain at least on upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character.

Advice: Use this option. Many password-guessing algorithms try passwords with only one kind of characters (for example letters) at first.

Generating the password

Once the password preferences were set, creating the actual password is very simple. You can easily use the 'Generate' button. For your safety, your passwords are never stored anywhere on the device or on a server, only as a temporary file in the cache of your device.

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Generate the password

Press the 'Generate' button to create your password. And that's it! Your password will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you don't like it, you can easily create a new one by pressing the 'Generate' button again.

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Copy or clear the password

To use the password you have created, copy it to the clipboard of your device by pressing corresponding button. Now you can paste it somewhere!

If you want to completely delete the password from your cache, press the 'Clear Password' button. (Your password is automatically cleared when you close the app or create a new password.)

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Hide or unhide the password

Depending on the circumstances, you might want to hide your password to keep it safe. For example, when travelling. By pressing the 'hide' or 'unhide' button (marked in the image) you can make it invisible or visible.

Of course, you can still copy the password, even if it is currently hidden.

Layout options

It has no impact on the strength of your passwords, but if you want to, you can change the theme of the app. You can choose a light, dark or blank theme.

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Select a theme

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Light Theme

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Dark Theme

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Blank (no) Theme

Secure password - tips

This short overview describes what you should attach importance to if you create a password. For more details we recommend you to do your own research, but as a basis this should be sufficient. We have also added some advice which Preferences we recommend.


  • don't use simple passwords that resemble any names or common words

  • choose a sufficiently long password (see the table below for more details) - we recommend at least 12 characters, for important passwords at least 16

  • use different kinds of characters: if possible for your cause, use at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character

  • Important: The best password doesn't help you if others can access it. Better don't save your passwords at a place that is accessible for others. If you use a password manager, make sure that it is trustworthy and safe.

See the Recommended Settings below for making sure that your password meets these guidelines.

Recommended Settings

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Use these recommended settings (the default settings) to make sure that your password meets the requirements mentioned in the tips.

Of course, using an even longer length for your passwords makes them even stronger - and more secure.

How long it takes to crack a password

The time required to crack a password increases exponentially with the password length. Using several character categories instead of only one (like upper case characters) adds even more security.

Why should you use a Password Creator?

So, why should you even use a password creator? For security and convenience.

In a digital world having lots of accounts online has become completely normal. But many of them get breached, as the passwords can sometimes be cracked easily with brute force algorithms. Often the passwords that users choose are just too simple, making it quite easy to find them out. Using passwords that have a certain minimal length and contain different kinds of characters (like letters, numbers and special characters) makes the passwords stronger, but it still isn't very secure. Even if you try to create a password that seems to be completely randomly chosen, people often tend to use memory aids or patterns to make the passwords more memorable, but that also makes them less secure.

It can't be guaranteed that the passwords created with our app are never cracked, but they make generating a very strong password a lot easier. You can simply select password preferences and generate a password with one click. Independent of the length of the password, it is generated within a split second. Therefore it doesn't mean more work for you to create a very long password. Whether you create a password with 5 characters or one with 35, it only takes a moment. Besides, the passwords are created using a random number generator, which makes them unpredictable and uncommon. These passwords can most likely not be found on any of the password lists on the internet, that are often used by hackers.

Our app does exactly what it name suggests. It creates a password, according to the preferences that you choose. If you want them to be stored somewhere, you need to use a different product. But storing them on your device can also be a disadvantage, if not properly done. For making sure that your passwords aren't available to anyone else and strong, our Password Creator is ideal. As your passwords aren't saved anywhere, neither on your device nor on a server, no one can find them. As stated earlier, many accounts are breached only because the passwords weren't secure enough.


You can download our Password Creator on Google Play, but also on less common Stores. The app is available for iOS devices, too, and can even be downloaded for Windows or used as a web player in a browser. See the list below to find the right version!


Don't want to install another app? No problem. You can use our Password Creator as a web application (you can also use it here)! But if you plan to use the app regularly, we recommend to install it (especially for offline access). Also, due to Security Policies a password created online can't be copied to the clipboard.


Our Password Creator can also be installed on computers. The composition of the app is slightly different from the Android version, but the functions are the same. You can either install a 'Full Screen' version or a 'windowed' version. Note: Only with the windowed version the size of the app-window can be changed.

Create passwords on the operating system of your choice:

Note: When you download a file for Windows, you might get a warning. The file isn't insecure, the warning only appears as the file is zipped.


Our app 'Password Creator' was developed to serve your security needs! Everyone who helped to create this useful utility and all services that were used for its development are acknowledged and accredited in this section.

And to everyone else who contributed to the development, thank you very much!

We really hope that we could create an app that will make your online presence a little safer and more comfortable!