The Strawberry Studios

Looking for a traditional game like Snake, yet with lots of modifications? How about a typical Jump&Run, but with new features? Or do you want to play a game you have never seen before? Strawberry Studios offers you various kinds of games, as we specialize in Games and App Development. Our expertise is developing games for mobile devices, but we also develop software in other fields and for various platforms. Check out our latest ideas!

Our experienced team is passionate about their work, doing it with a high level of accuracy and dedication. We are continuously trying to enhance our skills, as we have one priority: Creating content you will enjoy! Every app or game that we publish has undergone several testing stages to remove all bugs and to perfect the details.

Our principles are excellence, unique ideas, high performance, and of course, thorough testing. We want our releases to function flawlessly. Because of that, we never publish an app before we are convinced by its quality, and know that it is worth downloading.

To learn more about us, who we are, and what we do, check out this site!

Casual Games for relaxed hours

Snake - now on Google Play

1997's Snake is back! But with new features. The game is the same, but you can give it a personal touch!

Follow this link to download the game on Google Play!

Or get it on other stores.

Ahead of Time - to be released soon

Jump over obstacles and defeat your enemies! Hurry up and stay ahead of time!

Base Jump - our latest idea

You may have already played lots of games, but none of them is as addictive as this! We hope we can release it soon!